Self Awareness

It is a true lesson for ALL of us to learn.

Many questions come to mind, when we approach the topic of self awareness.

Is it all about looking inward, and finding our deeper selves?

Is it checking our behaviour, and accounting for our actions?

Just look around you, on a daily basis, how much further are we moving away from ourselves?

We have to keep ourselves busy, be it on the phone, headphones on with music blaring, totally engrossed playing games on our smart-phone !

For me, it is being true to mySELF. Acknowledging all the emotions in a given day, being thankful for where I am, taking in as much as I can see.

When last did you look up, and discover a new sight a building that has been there all along, flowers blooming in a garden, all the little things that we sometimes take for granted.

Take the time, look around you, there is so much more to every day!!!!

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