Big transitions

Big transitions, big moves, big stakes.

It really is amazing, finally making the decision to close down my Pilates and Yoga studio and make a big move to London.

Heart-wrenching is a was, moving away from all my clients, friends and a place home for 19 years.

Boston was very good for me and I learnt a lot from the experience.

Looking forward to new opportunities in London, hitting the sidewalks looking for employment, job interviews are totally new experience for me.

Imagine at the right old age or young age of 50 never having to interview for a job. That has all changed and now come time for employment, to be told far too much experience for the job question.

I am the eternal the optimist and I know there’s a place our there for me. I know I can be part of a dynamic team and make a contribution.

So if you’re reading this and know someone is looking for someone like me, make the connection, you’ve got nothing to lose. I have a large contribution to make to the fitness and wellness community.
Take the first step and I’ll continue the journey.

20120127-044454 PM.jpg

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